HEPA Air Filtration

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Fogg's HEPA air filtration is used for the cleanest filling environment possible for ESL applications. Class 100 HEPA air system for both Rinsing and filling enclosures:

  • HEPA filters (class 100)
  • Urethane gel filter sealant
  • Stainless steel supply air fan cabinet
  • Perforated stainless steel air diffuser face screens
  • Internal lighting systems
  • Variable speed drives on all blowers
  • Automatic boost in HEPA volume when a door is ajar
  • Direct drive motors (no belts)

Fogg's safety and sanitation guarding have been designed to be base mounted onto your new Fogg Filler or retrofitted to an existing filler of any brand. A site survey will be required to customize the application to your existing machine. You can choose a single tier, second tier, or second tier with HEPA filtration.