Fogg is built on strong values and a passion for delivering the highest quality products for their customers. Fogg strives to be a leader in both innovation and product quality.


Currently, we are searching for qualified candidates to fill the following positions:

Plant Manager

At ProMach, we’re looking for people who want to shine. You’ll have opportunities to take your career in the direction you desire. You can be creative. Strategic. Persuasive. Influential. A mechanical marvel. A customer service authority. Meticulous. A closer. A futurist. Do we have your attention? Keep reading. Fogg is seeking a Plant Manager to lead all manufacturing operations at our Fogg South plant. In this role, you will oversee a plant that produces products for our customers, owning all aspects of manufacturing work, scheduling, processes, and crating, with efficiency and care.



The primary objective is to handle all details involving the purchasing of capital and non-capital items for the production of Fogg products in a cost-efficient, scheduled manner. Responsible for developing and maintaining sources of supply for the procurement of non-production and production goods and services. Mechanical Engineering knowledge with the ability to work closely with the engineering department regarding parts ordered to ensure accuracy.


Pattern Engineering Technician

The Fogg Filler division of Pro Mach is seeking a Pattern Engineering Technician who designs and fabricates Fogg bottle change parts, stock parts, and parts orders in an efficient manner to ensure a seamless flow of parts throughout the plant.


Mechanical Design Engineer

Individual works under the direction of engineering managers designing and documenting new products and product line enhancements and material. Works with manufacturing to determine the best manufacturing process for existing and new products. Works with quality personnel to ensure that all quality aspects of product design and manufacturing are met by applying engineering principals under supervision of an experienced design engineer or engineering manager.


Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative manages multiple product-focused service projects with specific responsibilities for the planning, organization, scheduling and implementation of field service installations of Fogg products worldwide. Focus is to provide great service which will enhance equipment sales, both new and after market.