Fogg is a world leader in the design and manufacture of rotary filling, rinsing, capping and enclosure systems. Fogg serves a growing number of dairy, water, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer product goods companies around the world.



In serving the global marketplace, Fogg designs and manufactures filling systems as well as related equipment for specific applications. We endeavor to combine skilled craftsman with innovative management to offer our customers a quality team.

As our products are viewed so are we viewed. We will supply products and services that bring our customers improved profit margin which will in turn allow shareholders and employees to prosper.


Milk filler


Fogg was founded in 1956 by Clyde Fogg who had been assembling, selling, and servicing Cherry Burrell equipment for 22 years prior to starting Fogg. As new containers were developed, Clyde rebuilt machines while adding his own ideas and improvements.

Wagon delivery

When plastic was introduced, Fogg was among the first to modify machines to handle plastic jugs – new valves, cappers and bottle handling equipment also had to be developed and incorporated into existing dairy fillers


In 1974 Clyde’s sons Mike and Jon acquired the business. Over the years, they transitioned Fogg from rebuilding old machines into designing and building some of the most innovative filling systems in today’s market. In the late 70’s Fogg invested in a manufacturing facility in Australia to service the Far East. After the fall of the Asian stock market in the mid 90’s operations were discontinued.

Mike Fogg


In 2000 Mike Fogg became the sole owner of Fogg. Mike’s engineering and management expertise faded Fogg out of the dairy industry and lead Fogg into a leader of the Extended Shelf Life (ESL) industry focusing efforts on clean, efficient, filling for hot and cold applications.

Fogg Sign


Celebrated 50 years!


In 2003 Mike Fogg’s son, Ben Fogg, came on board. Ben brings a strong background in chemical and mechanical engineering opening new doors to new cutting edge ESL technology. In 2008 Ben Fogg became the sole owner, continuing the family business for the third generation. Ben plans on continuing Fogg’s strong tradition of quality, innovation, and world class service.

F12 Side


Designed and built the first F12 filler. This is the fastest machine to date filling up to 1200 bottles per minute.

Promach acquisition


ProMach acquired Fogg Filler on August 3rd, 2020


As Fogg continues to grow with ProMach, we are excited to be able to add 100,000 sqft of production space to our facility, for increased capacity and shorter lead times. In addition, we are adding research and development for other filling technologies, such as aseptic and non-contact.