Articulating Jaw Capper

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The Fogg Articulating Jaw Capper is the ideal solution for the largest variety of capping needs. The articulating jaws act like fingers and can securely grab onto even the most unique cap with precision.

  • Capability to quickly switch between any or all of the three; plastic screw, ROPP, or T-cork
  • Available in right or left-hand, stand-alone, or monobloc configurations
  • Magnetic capping heads apply smooth constant torque not “pole to pole” ratcheting
  • VFD-controlled spindle drive for maximum flexibility

  • Small Turret Diameter
  • Magnetic capping heads
  • Rapid change over
  • Belt Anti-Spin System
  • Variable spindle speed control
  • and many more features!

    40 containers per capping head, per minute


    Up to 89mm


    ROPP, plastic screw, and T-cork


    FPS-48®, Z-24®, VSE-30®, and FMZ-24®

ROPP capping head applies your ROPP Caps with precision at high and low speeds with our Articulating Jaw Capper.

Rapid changeover for less downtime

Variable spindle speed control

Stainless steel and composite construction

Learn more about our ROPP Capping Head

The Articulating Jaw Capper is capable of applying your T-Cork at low to medium speeds.

Bottleneck support

Rapid change over for less downtime

Stainless steel and composite construction