Rotary Chemical Microb-Blaster®

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Fogg's Chemical Microb-Blaster® for bottles carries the bottles through a vigorous wash cycle using the customer’s solution of choice. The duration of exposure is variable and can be tailored to a specific application to achieve the customer’s desired log reduction. If the supply of product to be sanitized is interrupted, pneumatic escapements and photo-eyes monitor and toggle appropriately so that every unit is properly dosed. The process effectively removes loose debris such as cardboard dust and also allows sanitizing solutions to contact all exposed surfaces.

  • Pre-rinses the interior and exterior of the bottles
  • Longer contact time
  • Directly couples to the in-feed of the rinser
  • Fume management
  • Roof and power vents
  • Multiple nozzles

    Pre-rinses, 0-5 log


    Up to 1100 bpm


    Hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid (PAA), and a variety of different chemical sanitizers