Fogg Increases Opportunities with Internal Test Labs

Jan 11, 2023

Holland, Michigan. January 11, 2023-

Fogg Filler, a market leader in the design and manufacture of rotary filling systems for the beverage industry, is continuously focused on improving technology to better serve our customers and the environment. In 2016, Fogg constructed, equipped and staffed both a dedicated Engineering R&D lab and a Food Safety Microbiology lab. These laboratories have grown and evolved with the addition of many new technologies to increase research, testing and validation capabilities for the full spectrum of product types.

The equipment and testing technologies within the labs allow Fogg engineers to fully evaluate every aspect of the beverage filling process from container and closure cleaning and sanitization, through filling and closure application.

Some of this equipment includes:

1 - A fully programmable container sanitizer/rinser that can simulate any combination of size and speed of a real production machine. It can sanitize/rinse with several different medias (wet or dry) to get the most accurate sanitization results on bottles and containers of all shapes, sizes, and materials. (pictured)

2 - A single head test filler, equipped with dozens of different valve types for test filling any type of bottle and product combination to determine feasibility, optimum fill speeds and production rates.

3 - Multiple "full scale" cap/closure sanitizers for testing sanitization effectiveness with different technologies such as UVC light, ozone, Ultrazone 04®, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, liquid chemistries or any combination thereof.

4 - Biosafety equipment and hood for container and closure inoculation.

This equipment, combined with Fogg's Food Safety Microbiology lab gives current and potential Fogg customers the ability to receive quotes with pre-validation assurances. Some customers know exactly what sanitization parameters they plan to follow and exactly what results they are looking for but may not have the equipment necessary for testing. Others need direction on the best way to achieve sanitization/shelf-life targets, or meet certain FDA requirements. Fogg's microbiology team can help with both of those. They can conduct studies to determine the technology options, possible chemistries and contact times required to achieve any sanitization goal, all before any actual production equipment is built.

Another unique service Fogg's Microbiology Lab offers is filter evaluation. Customers can send in a filter sample from their line so microscopic testing can be done. High-power microscopes are used to identify possible sources of contamination problems in customers filters.

These are just some of the resources Fogg uses to continuously improve technology and provide the highest level of reliability for your production lines. Please consult a Fogg sales representative to discuss your application and our full line of filling and capping machines and accessories at 616-786-FOGG or

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