When considering a new filling system you should consider product pH levels (reference chart above). Second, you need to consider required shelf life, and filling temperature (hot, ambient, or cold). Lastly, look at your supply chain environments ie: refrigerated or ambient.

When you are working with microbiologically sensitive products it is tough to know if you should use Aseptic or Extended Shelf Life processing. With Fogg’s proven technology in Extended Shelf Life we are finding that more and more applications that were once ONLY considered Aseptic are now being filled with ESL lines. Please contact Fogg to discuss your specific application.



As the juice market continues to grow, so do the demands for filling. Whether you fill hot or cold, Fogg has specific features to make your job easier.

While hot-filling, we know temperature management is always a concern. Fogg has created a unique temperature management system that couples with the Semi-Automatic One-Way Recovery Trough. This system enables you to manage product temperature, and filling valve temperatures when line stops occur. The operator can easily send the trough into position to purge the product in the valves by cycling the filler until production can be resumed sending only a small amount of product back to rework.

Sanitation is always a concern when filling, but it becomes extremely important while cold filling juice. Because you can’t use heat to kill micro-organisms, you have to make sure to kill them before they ever come in contact with your product. Fogg offers a line of Microb-Blasters to help sanitize. A Microb-Blaster uses UV light to kill micro-organisms to help ensure your product stays safe.


Fogg was one of the pioneers in the dairy industry. Throughout our experience we have heard the dairy industry’s concerns of foaming, possible flavor change, splashing and spillage, and extended shelf life. Fogg has created fillers to overcome these issues with ease.

Fogg has created a “dairy valve” to extract the foam while filling. Our small transfer ratio ensures smooth transfer to avoid spilling and splashing to increase sanitation and improve efficiencies. As always, shelf life is a concern. The dairy industry is beginning to push for longer shelf life than every thought possible. Some are requesting up to 60 day milk. Fogg has responded to these requests by offering an “Extended Shelf Life (ESL)” package. This package includes:

Semi-Automatic One-Way Recovery Trough® Play Video
Class 100 HEPA Enclosure®


As the spirits industry evolves with more unique products and blends to suit customer’s needs, Fogg tailors their fillers to accommodate. With these new spirits products, there has come a need for greater sanitation. Fogg’s Extreme Clean systems offer proven technology for hot water sanitation and CIP, dual effect Rinsers, product discharge and reclaim systems and much more.

Additional features Fogg boasts of are proven fill level consistencies, precise bottle control, explosion proof electrics, and simple valves for low maintenance. Fogg fillers are capable of filling multiple size bottles in PET and or glass. Just a few simple, color coded, change parts are needed for quick, efficient change over. In addition to a Fogg filler you have the option of a wide range of capping turrets to accommodate your unique packaging.

Wine can also be filled on a Fogg. Wineries prefer Fogg fillers over others because of their smooth bottle handling, filling accuracy, and product recovery system. A corker or ROPP capper can easily be integrated.


Fogg has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market and is incorporating their new technology to make a Fogg Filler a good choice for many pharmaceutical applications. Fogg Fillers are able to meet the most rigid of standards that the pharmaceuticals industry is known for.

The pharmaceuticals industry has already taken advantage of Fogg’s unique filling process for many different flowable products. Fogg’s success ranges from surgical irrigation fluid, prescription oral debriding agent, to embalming fluid. Although not recommended for injectables, there are many applications where Fogg excels.

With class 10 or 100 HEPA units for filtering the filling environment and machine guarding to fight against any unwanted elements this is the best way to go. Often people claim they need aseptic, but Fogg has often times shown customers how to meet their requirements with out spending the extra money for an aseptic machine.

Precision is the key when filling very expensive pharmaceuticals. With Fogg’s special valves the accuracy of the fill height is imperative. Knowing the fill height is exactly the same every time can give the customer confidence in their rate of return. Fogg’s long term commitment to quality equipment and 24 hour support has attributed to mutual success!


Fogg has many years of experience filling water. As the demand for greater speeds creeps up, Fogg has created a filler that can fill up to 1000 bottles per minute. Light weight gram bottles keep getting lighter therefore, Fogg continues to design neck handling to accommodate.

A majority of the water industry is or has moved from 28mm to 26.7mm caps so Fogg has designed a capper to effortlessly cap. And as always, Fogg upholds the highest level of sanitation to ensure your water or water based product is always at its optimum flavor and shelf life.


Fogg is known for its ability to customize their filling systems to specific applications. As new packaging materials and new products are created Fogg is continually changing to meet the demands.


Salsa / Irrigation fluid / Embalming fluid / Lantern fuel / Honey
Chocolate syrup / Fuel injector cleaner / Aloe juice

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