From time to time, Fogg has used equipment available for sale. This equipment has been refurbished and comes with a NEW MACHINE WARRANTY. We can also sell this equipment AS IS without any warranty. Your Fogg representative will be happy to answer your questions on all available equipment.

Zalkin 8 Head Articulating Jaw Capper – Right Hand

This is a Zalkin, 8 head, articulating jaw capper. It is right handed and will fit on to a Fogg F6.2 or F6.3 filler. Fowler has recently reconditioned it. It does not come with a base.

SERIAL # (quote reference )

PRICE / Call 616-786-3644

VSE-30- High Speed Cap Sorter

This sorter is practically new. It has only been used at Fogg for R&D purposes. It has about 10 hours on it.

It is a right hand machine and it will be available for purchase in April.

SERIAL # 756-11-9-17 (quote reference 4978)

PRICE / Call 616-786-3644

Fogg FRR 30 Clamp, Single Effect Rinser


Free standing controls. Fixed Nozzles. Left Hand.

Max Bottle Size: 4 3/8″ Round 4″ Square

External Pitch Diameter: 49.60″

Internal Pitch Diameter: 43.05″

SERIAL # M2599 (quote reference 3825)

PRICE / Call 616-786-3644

54 Filling Valves

Quick Start 3000

PRICE / Call 616-786-3644

9 Clamp Rinser


FM97-09 Base Size

Container Max Height: 170mm-350mm

Container Diameter: 25mm-115mm

SERIAL # M2733

PRICE / Call 616-786-3644

Fogg 2810 Capper

Left Hand Machine.

Set Up For: 1 Gal., 1/2 Gal., and 64 oz.

Fogg Standard Capper for a 38 mm Snap and Screw NEPCO.

28 Head Filler.

SERIAL # 563-21-8-92 (quote reference 5330)

PRICE / Call 616-786-3644


Left Hand.

Currently Integrated With The 2810 (563-21-8-92) Listed Above.

Set Up for 38mm Portola and 38mm Alcoa.

Cap Chute Length 8′ 6″

SERIAL # 755-60-2-08 (quote reference )

PRICE / Call 616-786-3644