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Holland, Michigan… Fogg Filler, a market leader in the design and manufacture of rotary filling systems for the liquids industry, is continually focused on improving technology that better serves our customers and the environment. Fogg’s latest innovation is the new and improved Cap Elevator.

Fogg has engineered many subtle changes that make the latest Cap Elevator better than ever. Going forward, these changes will be applied to all Cap Elevator orders and will easily integrate with your Fogg Filler. This Cap Elevator can lift nearly any cap that Fogg can apply, including ROPP caps. The elevator itself is composed of stainless-steel, increasing strength and stability, with clear, polycarbonate covers over the belt, providing visual access while protecting your caps from any dust or debris. The Cap Elevator is slightly angled for cleanliness as well as improved cap handling. Instead of flat tabs on the belt elevating the caps, the caps are now scooped and lifted in cradles, protecting them from falling or rubbing against exterior walls. Fogg has increased the max height to 177 inches tall and the max reach to 96 inches, possibly eliminating the customer’s need for a horizontal conveyor depending on the plant layout. Fogg has also added a longer frame base to increase stability. Fogg has also converted all the electrical wiring to be on the outside, so there is no longer a need to take out the belt for maintenance.

Fogg has lowered the hopper approximately 10 inches for easier reach when loading and unloading caps. Additionally, the hopper now features a door that can be opened to quickly and easily release leftover caps for changeover. This cleanout feature is completely tool-less with a door that simply swings down upon turning a knob. The hopper has maintained all the capacity of previous versions, allowing for approx. 7 cubic feet of caps. Another new feature on the hopper is the adjustable baffle (shown to the right in green). This new feature allows for more variable speeds while being gentler on the caps. The baffle can be closed just enough to let the caps through to control the speed at which the caps enter the belt. It can also be opened further to allow for larger caps.

Fogg continues to improve technology and provide the highest level of reliability for your production lines. Please consult a Fogg sales representative to discuss your particular application or for our full line of filling and capping machines and accessories please contact our sales team at 616-786-FOGG or www.foggfiller.com.