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The Microb-Blaster® has been designed to use UV light to sanitize almost anything. Decontamination UV can kill micro-organisms when they are exposed to it for enough time. The rate at which these micro-organisms are killed depends on the wavelength of the light, the intensity, and the exposure time.

  834MUV Microb-Blaster® For Caps

The model 834 MUV Microb-Blaster® has been designed to use UV light to sanitize 50% – 99.999% of all potentially harmful organisms for effective cap sterilization.

Product Details for 834MUV Microb-Blaster® For Caps

LOG REDUCTION: Microb-Blaster sanitizes caps from a .5 – 4 log reduction

MOISTURE: Dry (no chemical residue)

CUSTOMIZABLE: Able to retrofit to nearly any line

SANITATION RATE: Sanitizes up to 800 caps per minute

 Chemical Microb-Blaster® For Caps

The Fogg Chemical Cap Sanitizer System consists of a conveyor that carries caps through a wash cycle using a chemical solution of your choice. The exposure is variable, and can be tailored to a specific application to achieve your desired log reduction in microbial count.

Product Details for Chemical Microb-Blaster® For Caps

EXPOSURE TIME: Pneumatic escapements and photo eyes cycle caps during system priming assuring exposure time on every cap

LOG REDUCTION: Sanitizes caps from a .5 – 6 log reduction

SPEED: Santizes caps up to 1000 per minute

LOG REDUCTION: Managed by the PLC, controlled through filler HMI