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The Fogg FR Series rotary Rinser (Bottle Washing Machine) is designed to operate as a stand-alone automatic bottle washing system or integrated with Fogg filling systems for tribloc, inline rinsing, and filling production. Engineered from stainless steel and FDA approved polymers, the FR Series features an exceptionally dependable, quiet gear drive train. Fogg incorporates turret, starwheel, and screw infeed clutches as standard equipment.
Fogg Rinsers (automatic bottle sanitizers) are capable of rinsing many different types of media including: alcohol, water, compressed air, HEPA filtered air, and a variety of different chemical sanitizers.

Available in capacities of 600 to 70,000 bottles per hour, these automatic bottle washing machines incorporate an electronic lifting system with positioning for easy, repeatable changeover.


Fogg’s single effect bottle rinsers have simple construction which makes them very reliable. Every part of the bottle washing machine is designed for quick and easy maintenance. The automatic bottle washer itself is constructed of stainless steel, and product contact is available in 316L stainless steel, which gives it a very high chemical resistance.

Product Details for Single Turret Rinsing Machine

When bottles enter the single effect rinser they are externally sprayed and lifted onto a carousel to be internally sprayed with one rinsing agent.

A specially designed mobile nozzle is offered as an option for optimum washing by penetrating further inside the container. This nozzle is also very effective for bottles that have handles. If your bottle is taller than 12″, has a handle, and/or has a unique shape, the mobile nozzle is highly recommended for optimum rinsing/sanitizing.

Fume management options available through Chicago Plastics


Fogg’s Twin Turret Rinser provides two rising turrets for maximum contact time and the highest level of sanitation.

Product Details for Twin Turret Rinsing Machine

Fogg’s Twin Turret Rinser provides two rinsing turrets for maximum contact time and the highest level of sanitation. As the bottle approaches the automatic bottlewasher there is a split conveyor bed where the bottle transfers to the automatic bottle washing machine conveyor to eliminate passing the other conveyor and its contaminates through the automatic bottle washer. Then it is sprayed externally and flipped upside down and rinsed with a substance of your choice. As it travels through the turret separation wall, it is then picked up by the second turret for its final rinse.

Bottle washing machines can use many different types of media to sanitize including: alcohol, water, sterile water, compressed air, sterile air, HEPA filtered air, hydrogen peroxide, paracetic acid (PAA), and a variety of different chemical sanitizers. Generally, with a Twin Turret Rinser (bottle washing machine), you would first sanitize with a chemical and then rinse with sterile water.

You will find stainless steel construction throughout the Twin Turret Rinser. It also boasts of machine guarding and optional HEPA filtration for a maximum level of operator safety, fume management, and machine sanitation. You have many configurations to choose from.

Fume management options available through Chicago Plastics  http://www.cpsfab.com/fume-scrubbers/


The Fogg Chemical Microb-Blaster® for bottles consists of a conveyor that carries bottles through a vigorous wash cycle using the customer’s solution of choice. The bottles are treated to a combination of chemical exposure and mechanical action. If the supply of product to be sanitized is interrupted, pneumatic escapements and photo-eyes monitor and toggle appropriately so that every unit is properly dosed. The process effectively removes loose debris such as cardboard dust, and also allows sanitizing solution to contact all exposed surfaces. The duration of exposure is variable and can be tailored to a specific application to achieve the customer’s desired log reduction.


Fogg’s Rotary Microb-Blaster® is a must have for an extended shelf life applications. It pre-rinses the interior and exterior of the bottle prior to entering the rinser greatly increasing log reductions!

Product Details for Rotary Microb-Blaster®


It creates longer contact time by filling the bottom of each bottle with sanitizing fluid before it is inverted by the rinser

It directly couples to the in-feed of the rinser

Easily controlled by the HMI

Fume management options available through Chicago Plastics  http://www.cpsfab.com/fume-scrubbers/


The UV Microb-Blaster® for Bottles has been designed to use UV light to sanitize 50% – 99.999% of all potentially harmful organisms on the outside of the bottle for effective bottle sterilization. It simultaneously replaces the dirty plant air inside the bottles with class 100 HEPA air.

Product Details for UV Microb-Blaster® For Bottles

AIR REPLACEMENT: Designed to replace the air in the bottles with class 100 HEPA air

LOG REDUCTION: Sanitizes exposed surfaces of bottles from a .5 – 4 log reduction using light technology

DESIGN: Compact design (no supply skid necessary)

SPEED: Santizes bottles at speeds up to 800 per minute

VERSATILE: Able to retrofit to nearly any line

COSTS: Low operating costs

NO CHEMICAL RESIDUE: Dry (no chemical residue)


Fogg’s Sanitizer Skids combine chemical blending, sterile water generation, and rinse recovery into one compact skid for multiple rinsers (bottle washing machines).

Product Details for Sanitizer Skid


Fogg’s Sanitizer Skids combine chemical blending, sterile water generation, and rinse recovery into one compact skid for multiple rinsers (bottle washing machines).

Fogg has many options and combinations of skids to best fit your needs. Start with your skid base and then build your skid based on your individual requirements. Options include chemical blend and premium chemical blend for both high and low concentrations, and filtered sterile water, or thermal sterile water. You can choose a mix of up to any 3 per skid. All of these features come with a rinse recovery system where your chemical solution is returned to the skid to be filtered and reused. This dramatically reduces environmental impact and lowers manufacturers’ operating costs. Steam heat is assumed, but electrical heat is available as an option. Alfa Laval valves and Allen Bradley controls come standard.


This COP Tank is the ultimate cleaning system for cleaning valves and other product contact parts. It is made with 304 stainless steel 3A design. It’s working volume is 140 gallons. The cover is hinged with a lift assist for safety. It is equipped with sanitary side jets, 5hp sanitary centrifugal pump, digital timer, cycle complete light, steam injection, and so much more. You can manually fill the tank with water and chemicals and the NEMA 4X control panel does the rest.


COP (Clean Out of Place) and CIP (Clean In Place) Cleaning Tank System:

This manual/semi-automatic COP/CIP system is ideal for periodic cleaning of your Fogg filler, valves and accessories.  It can be used as a single compartment once-through or add an additional compartment to recirculate solution.

  • For normal cleaning of valve and other product contact parts
  • Push button on/off
  • 304 Stainless Steel 3A Design
  • Hinged Cover Assembly with Lift Assist
  • PLC controls entire cleaning sequence as batch washer
  • HMI provides visual of current cleaning set points
  • Automated water fill level and steam control
  • Auto chemical addition and conductivity control for proof of rinse
  • 2 Parts Baskets
  • Variety of recording and documentation options
  • Additional Options are Available

Class 100 HEPA Air System for both Rinsing and Filling Enclosures:


  • HEPA filters (class 100)
  • Urethane gel filter sealant
  • Stainless steel Supply air fan cabinet
  • Perforated stainless steel air diffuser face screens
  • Internal lighting systems
  • Variable speed drives on all blowers
  • Automatic boost in HEPA volume when a door is ajar.
  • Direct drive motors (no belts)