Fogg is a family-owned business in its third generation of family ownership. Built on strong values and a passion for delivering the highest quality products for their customers, Fogg strives to be a leader in both innovation and product quality.

Featured Job Opportunity:

CNC Machinist

Location: Holland, MI

Employment Type: Full Time

Description: This position allows you to operate cutting edge technology in Fogg’s top of the line, air conditioned machine shop. You will work in a highly skilled team with a wide range of experience levels. This position has 1st and 3rd shift opportunities available.



Fogg Filler has it’s own flag football team with awesome Fogg jerseys. The team participates in a regular season and a tournament against other local companies and is an excellent way to stay active outside of work.


Here at Fogg, we partner with Avenue vending services. Avenue gives you the airport, convenience store feel right here in house! We have multiple food stations throughout the facility.


Fogg Filler participates in an annual car show. All employees are invited to bring out the vehicles they want to show off and cruise to be a part of the Del Shannon car show.

All positions require background checks, physicals, drug screens and valid driver’s license. Fogg provides an excellent benefits package for their employees. To be considered for this position, please fill out the application below, and email it along with your cover letter, resume and salary requirements to
Currently we are searching for qualified candidates to fill the following positions:


Maintenance Intern

James Scholten-Hamilton High School

James Scholten is part of the Hamilton High School Co-Op Program. This program allows James to explore the real-world work environment and the opportunities Fogg Filler has to offer. Through the Co-Op program, James has the chance to learn a variety of trades including machine assembly, welding, general plant maintenance, and CNC machining. During his time here at Fogg, James has learned how to weld and has installed various hanging systems throughout the company.  Per Co-Op requirements, James works a minimum of 10 hours a week at Fogg in place of the school hours he misses for the program. James will have the opportunity to transition into a full-time employee right out of high school due to his work through the co-op. In his free time, James enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting, quad riding, and dirt biking.

Mechanical Engineering Intern-Summer 2018

Kyle Bush – Michigan Technology University

Kyle Bush is a Mechanical Engineering Intern at Fogg Filler Company. Currently, Kyle is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Michigan Technology University. Kyle was attracted to Fogg Filler, because of the shiny, reflective design of the machines and the structure of the internship. At Fogg, Kyle is allowed the freedom to work and complete projects that provide valuable, real life, engineering experience, as opposed to menial “intern work”. In his free time, Kyle enjoys “anything with a motor”, including quading, jet skiing, and snowmobiling.

Engineering Intern-Summer 2018

Liz Hoekstra – Michigan Technology University

Liz Hoekstra is a Chemical Engineering Intern at Fogg Filler Company. Currently, Liz is a third-year student at Michigan Technology University. Liz is pursuing a degree in chemical engineering and plans on obtaining a master’s degree in it as well. After attending a career fair at MTU, Liz was introduced to Fogg Filler because Fogg was specifically looking for chemical engineers. Liz was intrigued by the fact that Fogg allows her to utilize SolidWorks models during her internship. Thanks to her studies, Liz has been an excellent contributor to the Chemical Skid Department. In her free time, Liz enjoys swing dancing and playing the cello.

I.T. Intern-Summer 2018

Elijah Potter – Michigan Technology University

Elijah is an I.T. Intern at Fogg Filler Company. Currently, Elijah is a third year student at Michigan Technology University, where he is pursuing a degree in Computer Science and will be graduating in December, 2019. Elijah plans on obtaining his Master’s degree in Computer Science. At Fogg Filler, Elijah is considered a “Jack of all trades” and handles a variety of technology related issues. What Elijah enjoys most about Fogg Filler is the people he gets to work with and the opportunities presented here for him. Elijah also enjoys that his internship allows him to gain valuable programming experience that he can apply in his future studies. Elijah’s dream job is to become a software developer. In his free time, Elijah enjoys biking, jogging, and drawing.