From time to time, Fogg has used equipment available for sale. This equipment has been refurbished and comes with a NEW MACHINE WARRANTY. We can also sell this equipment AS IS without any warranty. Your Fogg representative will be happy to answer your questions on all available equipment.

Fogg Filler F9 7020

Fogg Filler F9 7020

This is a Fogg FGA F9-7020 right hand filler. It has 70 filling valves and 20 Pick-N-Place capping heads and comes with a glass handling package. The filler comes with a trough system, single tier guarding, and new Tri-line® extended CIP valves.

This filler is approximately 19 years old.

SERIAL # 729-1-11-98 (quote reference 4336)

PRICE / Call 616-786-3644

Fogg FR4 30 Clamp Bottle Rinser

This rinser is a single effect rinser with free standing controls. Its max bottle size is 3.5″(round).

SERIAL # M2599 (quote reference 3825)ence )

PRICE / Call 616-786-3644

F4-3618 Filler and Capper

This filler is approximately 26 years old. It is a left hand machine. The Fogg Standard Capper on this machine is only 2 years old.

SERIAL # 561-64-2-92 (quote reference 3790)

PRICE / Call 616-786-3644

Fords Press

This is a 120FS Press and it is around 13 years old. Fords would recommend the maximum production speed is 500 cpm + 10% overrun for ramp ups. Fogg can provide an option to replace the current twin format press head with a triple format. This machine will require refurbishment following its time in and out of production with replacement of obsolete components. Fogg is willing to see this machine as is or re-conditioned for you.

SERIAL # SN20988 (quote reference 4979 )

PRICE / Call 616-786-3644

Zalkin 8 Head Articulating Jaw Capper – Right Hand

This is a Zalkin, 8 head, articulating jaw capper. It is right handed and will fit on to a Fogg F6.1, F6.2, or F6.3 filler. Fowler has recently reconditioned it. It does not come with a base.

SERIAL # (quote reference )

PRICE / Call 616-786-3644

VSE-30- High Speed Cap Sorter

This sorter is practically new. It has only been used at Fogg for R&D purposes. It has about 10 hours on it.

It is a right hand machine and it will be available for purchase in April.

SERIAL # 756-11-9-17 (quote reference 4978)

PRICE / Call 616-786-3644