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Dear Fogg Team,

On behalf of our entire staff at Big Easy Bucha, please accept our sincere gratitude for a job well done with regard to our new FOGG Filler. The process was professional from conception to execution, and we truly believe this filler will change our business, as every detail was considered in the design and completion of this project.

I’d like to specifically thank the hard work of Patti, Jay, Derek, Eric, and Aggie, who have provided themselves excellent ambassadors for the FOGG brand. I could not be happier with our purchase, and FOGG has us as a customer for life.

We wanted to take time to send our praise and thanks, as dealing with FOGG has been by far the best manufacturing partner we’ve interfaced with so far. Because of our positive experience, we plan to advocate for FOGG to our trade organization, KBI (Kombucha Brewers International), if any kombucha brewery finds themself in need of a recommendation.

Best Regards,

Austin Sherman, Co-Founder

Big Easy Bucha