Holland, Michigan… Fogg Filler, a market leader in the design and manufacture of rotary filling systems for the liquids industry, is continually focused on improving technology that better serves our customers and the environment. Fogg’s drive for continuous improvement moves our product forward in hundreds, if not thousands of little ways every year. Fogg’s engineering team has outdone themselves by adding 67 mechanical improvements to their line in 2017. Below are just a handful of the enhancements you can expect to see in your next Fogg order.

HDPE Change Part Cart

The HDPE cart is the latest parts cart option from Fogg. The new design is light weight and easy to move to any place in your facility. The cart features sanitary construction throughout, individual locations for each bottle guide, and protects gear from incidental damage when not installed.



Model 44 Capping Head

Model 44 Capping Head

The Model 44 magnetic capping head is the latest upgrade to the Model 45 magnetic capping head. This newer version is easier to assemble and more user friendly. It is more water resistant than past versions, and is simple to grease and adjust. It features a more accurate torque as well.





VSE Sorter Splash Guards

VSE Sorter Splash Guards

VSE Cap Sorter Splash guards are Fogg’s solution to accidental splashes reaching your VSE Cap Sorter once it is in your filling room. When hosing down your filler, excess water may splash through holes in the VSE Cap Sorter endangering sensitive areas. Fogg’s solution to this was to create “splash guards” that cover these areas allowing splashes to run off away from the machine. These can be installed during the building of the VSE Cap Sorter, or can be added later if found necessary.



Rotary Microbblaster

Rotary Microb-blaster®

The Fogg Rotary Microb-blaster® 200 is the latest and greatest in bottle sanitizing technology. The microb-blaster® starts the sanitizing process, leaving fluid in the base of the bottle for longer contact time. This version has double the contact time of the model 100 for higher speed applications. Both the interior and exterior pre-rinse before reaching the rinser. The microb-blaster® also features a common drain for fluid recovery.

Fogg continues to improve technology and provide the highest level of reliability for your production lines. Please consult a Fogg sales representative to discuss your particular application or for our full line of filling and capping machines and accessories please contact our sales team at 616-786-FOGG or www.foggfiller.com.

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