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We want your Fogg system to maintain the optimum performance for which it was matter when it was built. The more efficiently your line runs, the more profit you make...our dedication to building the best equipment, and commitment to service contributes to your success. Downtime is expensive and time consuming; that’s why we are offer programs to help you keep your filling lines performing today and tomorrow.

Fogg Extended Spare Parts Plan™. Provide us with the model and serial number of your Fogg machine, and we’ll recommend what parts you should keep on hand for maximum uptime. Call our parts experts for details today.

Parts Assistance:
To fax a parts order in: 616-786-0610 attn: Greg Weighmink
Greg Weighmink (Manager)- or 616-738-0292

John VanKampen (Parts & Shipping)- or 1111111 616-738-0290
Brad Baumann (Assistant)- or 616-738-0262

John Raczynski (Assistant) - or 616-738-0299

Fogg is committed to customer satisfaction and service. A technically skilled staff provides Fogg customers with a high level of service 24 hours a day. Fogg offers an after-hours hotline for emergencies and department personnel that respond promptly to all calls 616-786-3644 prompt 5, leave a message and we will call you back ASAP.

Fogg Update Program™. Revitalize your filling system investment. . . We’ll audit your Fogg equipment, with an on-site inspection, parts analysis, and then recommend any adjustments or refinements needed to bring your system up to optimal running order.

Fogg Certified Training. Make sure you are getting the maximum performance out of your Fogg filling system with a start up training course or a refresher course for existing or new employees.

Service Assistance:
Greg Gibbie (Manager)- or 616-738-0275
Larry Rillema (Assistant)- or 616-738-0284
Chris Hilldore (Aftermarket Coordinator)- or 616-738-8924